About Us
About Us

The music scene in Boise is small, but that didn't stop this amalgamation from becoming a reality. The members of lieform were long time players in several unrelated bands through the years. Jay and Jake had met TC in 2010 while their bands were involved in a battle of the bands contest. They knew right away that he wanted to play music with TC, but it would be several years later before that became a reality. In the mean time and years later, Jay met Dylan and Rachel in 2017. They played together for a short time, before Dylan and Rachel moved out of state to pursue other dreams. Finally in 2018 Jay got back in touch with TC and Jake for a project that looked promising. A year later one of the members of that project left the band and it seemed like the project would fall apart yet again. They thought that Dylan and Rachel were still in California, but messaged Dylan anyway and it had just so happened that Dylan was back in Boise. He knew the combination would be great so he invited Dylan to jam. Shortly thereafter, Rachel had moved back to Boise as well. Needless to say they invited her to project as well. Unfortunately that lineup did not last. In fall of 2021 the lineup was once again back to TC, Jay and Jake. We recently aquired a new lead guitarist named Tony and are back at it, and ready to rock.

Members: TC Armstrong, J Arancivia, Jake Albrethson, and Tony Alber.

Other bands you may have seen the members in: Uncontrolled Substance, Eyewill, The LBJs, Piranhas BC, Campfire Collective, Thus Must I, and Wounds Will Heal.

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